Snapple turns to AI for next iteration of brand’s ‘Real Facts’ program

    • Snapple is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its “Snapple Real Facts” program by launching the Snapple fAIct Generator, tool using ChatGPT creator OpenAI to creates facts on any topic, per a press release (which was also written in part by ChatGPT).
    • The generator allows users to create and share facts via social media. The tool will create a database of all the newly generated facts, with some appearing under bottle caps starting in 2024.
    • Consumers can access the site via, or by scanning a QR code on any Snapple bottle. Snapple, a Keurig Dr Pepper company, is the latest brand to jump on the AI bandwagon after interest renewed in the space.

    Snapple’s foray into ChatGPT is centered around one of the brand’s more iconic marketing tactics. Since the introduction of “Snapple Real Facts,” 1,677 facts have appeared under the Snapple cap. Examples include, “slugs have two noses,” and “beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes.” Allowing consumers to play a more integral part of the program could drive engagement and awareness. 

    “Over the past 20 years, a central part of the fun Snapple experience has been the Snapple Real Facts under the cap,” said Kelli Freeman, senior vice president of marketing, Keurig Dr Pepper in a press release. “The Snapple fAIct Generator makes it easy for a new generation of Snapple fans to experience the fun of facts in a tech-forward, and interactive way.”

    ChatGPT has exploded in popularity in recent weeks, with brands such as Mint Mobile incorporating it into its advertising. The AI technology is still very much a gimmick, however, that may be changing the marketing industry. BuzzFeed recently announced it would be using the tech to create content and some agencies are debating whether to use it to streamline more mundane tasks.

    One challenge for marketers like Snapple is that AI is known for giving out inaccurate information. ChatGPT itself is an infamous “liar.”


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