Lay’s and Brazilian superstar Anitta power campaign with potato electricity

    • Lay’s has teamed with Grammy-nominated artist Anitta for a Latino TV spot, “Beat of Joy,” that features a remix of the Brazilian star’s hit song “Envolver,” per a press release. The effort is an extension of the Frito-Lay brand’s “Stay Golden” platform.
    • The “Beat of Joy” spot features elements of Latino culture, including reggaetón, dance, and voceteo, a Puerto Rican and Dominican trend around enhancing car sound systems to better play music. The remixed song was recorded in a studio that leveraged the electricity created by more than 6,000 potatoes in a nod to Lay’s main ingredient.
    • Lay’s is reaching out to younger Latino consumers through a partnership with Anitta that taps into several cultural elements. The campaign also includes a sweepstakes on Instagram and Twitter and a TikTok activation.

    Lay’s is making a play for Latino and multicultural consumers with the latest iteration of its “Stay Golden” platform, which launched at last year’s Super Bowl with an ad starring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. With Anitta, the Frito-Lay brand has identified a brand ambassador on the rise who has found international crossover success after breaking through in her home country.

    The 30-second “Beat of Joy” spot was created by a diverse team of production professionals, choreographers and dancers from around the world — a key tactic to ensure authenticity when advertising to multicultural consumers and portraying cultural elements like voceteo.

    “Anitta is one of the most authentic and electric voices in the music industry. She personifies the ‘Stay Golden’ mentality and empowers those around her to do the same,” said Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, in a press release. “Many multi-ethnic voices and experts powered the creation of this spot, which shares how a bit of fresh thinking and optimism can turn a little disappointment into a shared moment of joy.”

    For the spot, Anitta’s Spanish-language song “Envolver” — which went viral on TikTok en route to becoming her highest charting song — was remixed in a studio powered by potatoes. The gimmicky song production nods to the power of Lay’s ingredients and provides an additional element of branded content that can extend the campaign’s reach. 

    Lay’s will take to the platform that helped spur Anitta’s surge in popularity with a TikTok video that encourages consumers to recreate the singer’s transition from regular clothes to “superstar glam” with the bite of a Lay’s chip. In addition, Lay’s is running a sweepstakes on Instagram and Twitter that will reward select consumers with a voceteo kit signed by Anitta that plays the remix. 


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