Coors Light wants to chill rooftops this summer with novel billboards

    • Coors Light, owned by Molson Coors, unveiled a new billboard campaign with signs painted on top of Miami buildings to help cool them down, according to a press release.
    • The billboards, known as “Chillboards,” are painted with a white coating that has been proven to reflect 85% of sunlight, per the company. The special white paint was provided by Mule-Hide and can lower the surface temperature of roofs by up to 50 degrees, giving residents a way to lower utility costs. A video ad to accompany the Chillboards will air across digital and social platforms.
    • The campaign comes as Miami, where the Chillboards are painted, experiences rising temperatures and increased electricity use to keep homes cool while also building on the brand’s “Made to Chill” messaging.

    Coors Light has made an effort to reach millennials through an issue that’s important to them — the environment. The Chillboards join other Coors Light environment-centric marketing, including a pop-up Future Mart, which was stocked with plastic-free products, and a commitment to phase out plastic beer rings by 2023.

    Despite only being visible from the air, the Chillboards display slogans such as “Coolest Ad in America” and “This Roof Chills up to 50 Degrees” that use a custom block script designed to cover as much of the rooftops as possible. They were created with Set Free Richardson and street artist Andulaz the Artist. Consumers can learn more about the program on and register to be one of the winners of the 5,000 gallons of reflective paint the brand is giving away.

    The Chillboards are designed to showcase Coors Light’s efforts around sustainability and extend the brand’s “chill” attitude. The millennial-focused “Made to Chill” campaign has helped to save the brand from slumping sales, especially as the market is flooded with low-carb alternatives.

    Molson Coors has recently increased Coors Light’s advertising budget, according to the company’s first quarter earnings report. Miller Lite also received a marketing boost. Additionally, the company ramped up localized campaigns as pandemic restrictions eased, including a Coors Light-flavored lollipop to hand out in bars during intense March Madness matches.


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