Coca-Cola debuts ‘transformation-flavored’ soda in its latest limited-time offering

    • Coca-Cola is introducing its latest limited-time offering called Coca-Cola Move in collaboration with Grammy-award-winning singer Rosalía, the company said in a statement. The beverage hits store shelves in the U.S. and Canada on Feb. 20. 
    • Similar to other beverages released under the Coca-Cola Creations platform, the beverage doesn’t promote a flavor, such as cola, cherry or vanilla, but rather a mood. In this case, it’s transformation — a way of self-expression that is powerful and resonant for today’s generation, especially through music, Oana Vlad, the company’s senior director of global strategy, said in the statement. 
    • The Coca-Cola Creations platform, which debuted in 2022, was introduced to highlight the company’s signature beverage while drawing in younger consumers. 

    Coca-Cola’s market recognition is built largely around core beverages such as Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and its namesake soda, but the Atlanta beverage giant is finding a valuable niche in unique drinks that conjure up a conversation.

    Coca-Cola Move is the latest limited-edition beverage to be released under the company’s Creations platform. Last year, it rolled out Coca-Cola Starlight, Coca-Cola Byte, the artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Dreamworld. As with its other Creations flavors, the company isn’t sharing what Move tastes like.

    The drinks are intended to prompt a discussion, particularly among younger consumers eager for new flavors, about what they taste while generating online buzz. It’s also valuable for Coca-Cola because the beverages generate additional recognition for the company’s signature drinks among a younger shopper base that the company will depend on for a larger percentage of its future sales.

    They’re about “testing the boundaries, whether it’s Space Coke or pixel or marshmallow, that’s about engagement with consumers. They are not designed to be variants that will last forever,” James Quincey, Coca-Cola’s CEO, said at a conference last November. “It’s about marrying the insights of the consumers with the central mission to continue to make it relevant for the next generation.”

    Coca-Cola Move’s association with Rosalía allows the beverage maker to make inroads with fans of the Spanish singer and provide novel ways for fans to become engaged with the product. Rosalía is releasing a new single and video to go with the soda. Coca-Cola Move also comes with a QR code that provides consumers access to special content, such as behind-the-scenes content of Rosalía’s making of the single.

    With soda consumption down sharply during the last 20 years, beverage makers such as Coca-Cola and its rival PepsiCo are finding ways to get creative to woo shoppers to stock up. Coca-Cola appears to be finding success with its Creations since the line debuted. In announcing Move, Coca-Cola said it will unveil additional limited-edition Creations beverages, featuring unique innovations and collaborations, throughout 2023.


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