McCain Foods envisions the future of farming on Roblox

    • In connection with the launch of its Regen Fries, McCain Foods is leveraging Roblox to teach consumers about regenerative farming through its Farms of the Future game, the company said in a press release.
    • The maker of prepared potato products has also partnered with real-world NFT-themed restaurant Bored & Hungry to serve Regen Fries for a limited time and for pop-ups in London and Toronto.
    • The #SaveOurSoil education push reflects the company’s commitment to implement regenerative agricultural practices across its worldwide potato acreage by the end of 2030.

    As with the many other brands venturing into the metaverse, McCain Foods is trying to engage younger consumers who may not be as receptive to traditional advertising. The marketer hopes to reach these consumers where they are through a marketing push built around its new Regen Fries, the Farms of the Future game and the Bored & Hungry partnership.

    The goal is to not only educate consumers about the benefits of regenerative farming, an approach that focuses on conserving and rehabilitating farming and food systems, but also to speed the transition to what the company sees as a more sustainable way of farming, the marketer’s Global Head of Innovation and Marketing Christine Kalvenes said in a statement. 

    “If we don’t change the way we farm, the implications are bleak — and we cannot allow that to happen,” said Kalvenes.

    The metaverse venture is designed to educate younger generations of consumers about the challenges currently facing the farming industry through gaming while promoting the marketer’s new Regen Fries, which are made with potatoes using regenerative farming methods. The Farms of the Future game, integrated into Roblox’s Livetopia, has players grow virtual potatoes through farming methods that improve soil health. Players advance through planting cover crops, rotational livestock grazing and encouraging biodiversity. 

    In reflection of the popularity of crypto-currencies and real-world experiential marketing, the company has also partnered with Bored & Hungry, a Long Beach, California, based restaurant, which is backed by Food Fighters Universe. Food Fighters Universe uses NFTs to build a community of supporters. From Oct. 28 to Nov. 18, Bored & Hungry will serve McCain Regen Fries at its restaurant. In addition, the two entities will set up pop-up locations in November in London and Toronto. 


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