Doritos sets consumers on hunt for triangles in ode to chip’s shape

    • Doritos is setting consumers on a nationwide hunt for triangles as part of a new “Triangle Tracker” promotion spanning social media, gaming and more, per a news release
    • The Frito-Lay brand tapped Snapchat for a custom lens that converts real-world triangles into Doritos, along with generating a code to unlock prizes. On TikTok, the snack marketer is issuing weekly challenges that task users with finding and filming iconic triangle-shaped locations scattered around the U.S.
    • The company is also launching a custom Doritos Triangle Island in “Fortnite” and worked with StreamElements on a bot that allows streamers to swap triangles they see in games with chips. The effort represents an attempt to blend in-person tactics with virtual ones as consumers welcome more hybrid experiences.  

    Doritos is taking a simple concept — the shape of its tortilla chips — and blowing it out into a complex scavenger hunt encompassing multiple channels. The campaign recognizes that consumers are eager to return to the types of involved brand experiences that were popular prior to the pandemic, while factoring in tactics that saw greater mainstream traction during COVID-19 lockdowns, such as in-game activations.  

    Mobile is a major focus of the effort as the Frito-Lay marketer seeks to bridge the physical-digital divide. The Triangle Tracker lens on Snapchat uses augmented reality to scan real-world objects and then applies machine learning to identify any triangles and flip them into Doritos. Users who try out the feature receive a code to redeem snack products, merchandise and the potential to win a $250,000 grand prize. 

    The Snapchat tie-up ropes in other brands with triangles in their logos such as Xbox, Guess Originals and Vivid Seats. Partner logos are attached to themed rewards, like a Doritos controller skin for Xbox or a custom chip-themed jean jacket from Guess. Additionally, Doritos teamed with rapper Offset, of the group Migos, to highlight triangles peppered around the MTV Video Music Awards broadcast on Aug. 28.

    The TikTok portion of the campaign carries a separate monetary incentive. The weekly app challenges, which drop every Wednesday through mid-September, come with $15,000 bounties. 

    For the first batch going live today (Aug. 24), Doritos did takeovers of a building on West 57th St. in New York; a massive, pyramid-shaped Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN; and a portion of the skyscraper at 101 Marietta St. in Atlanta, GA. Consumers who post the boldest videos at these spots tagging @Doritos and using the hashtags #DoritosTriangleTracker and #Contest on TikTok enter to claim the cash prizes. 

    Like a lot of brands, Doritos is bringing a stronger gaming element into its marketing. The Triangle Tracker goes virtual with a “Fortnite” island that was built using in-game tools, though not in partnership with developer Epic Games. Visitors to the locale can participate in mini-game activities inspired by Doritos products — as well as a “Doritos Crash Course” sidescroller from 2010 — and search for Easter Eggs. 


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