Streamlining Asset Management with Timly Software

    Timly Software AG, a leading provider of cloud-based asset management software , announces its innovative solution to the problems of traditional inventory management. The company offers a comprehensive yet flexible software solution that provides a holistic approach to inventory management, offering a 360° view of all assets, centralizing all inventory-related information in the cloud. The software streamlines the process, reducing administrative effort and saving costs, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory and safety regulations.

    Timly is a user-friendly cloud-based software that allows companies to track and manage all types of assets, including machinery & tools, fleet, IT assets, and furniture. The software integrates maintenance management and tracks consumable inventory. The software is accessible and updated via QR code labels, providing a seamless connection between the physical and digital world. All activities and information around assets are stored in Timly and made available centrally, allowing for complete transparency in the business.

    Traditional inventory management can lead to significant losses and costs for companies, with employees often unaware of the location of equipment and tools, leading to extended search times. In addition, companies face the challenge of ensuring employees have the necessary certifications to use specific equipment, resulting in potential safety risks and regulatory compliance issues. Timly provides a solution to these problems, offering a centralized and intuitive software solution that connects the management of inventory with employees certifications, automates maintenance processes, and facilitates yearly inventory management.

    The company was founded in 2020 by Philipp Baumann and Fitim Mehmeti, in response to the need for a more efficient system for managing employees and assets. The initial development of the software focused on addressing the issue of employee certifications, leading to the creation of the digital personnel file, which links inventory and employees. The software has since evolved to include other important features such as defect reporting, document storage, and asset assignment to employees with different access rights.

    Timly’s mission is to automate and optimize all processes regarding the inventory of a company, offering a complete asset overview, maintenance management , training management, stock management, and more. The software’s user-friendly interface and accessible design allow companies to improve their inventory processes, save costs, and streamline their operations. The company’s vision is to create a world where all assets are digitized and managed efficiently, allowing companies to focus on their core operations and achieve greater success.

    An example of Timly’s success can be seen in the case of a large manufacturing company, which was facing challenges with managing their inventory. They were struggling with keeping track of the location of their assets, ensuring that employees had the necessary certifications to use specific equipment, and maintaining their assets. By implementing Timly’s software, the company was able to centralize all of their inventory-related information, automate their maintenance processes, and connect the management of inventory with employee certifications. As a result, the company was able to save time and money, reduce their administrative effort, and improve their compliance with regulatory and safety regulations.

    In conclusion, Timly Software AG offers a comprehensive solution to the problems associated with traditional inventory management. The company’s innovative software provides a holistic approach to inventory management, offering a 360° view of all assets and centralizing all inventory-related information in the cloud. With its user-friendly interface, accessible design, and comprehensive features, Timly is the missing piece of the puzzle for optimizing operational efficiency. Companies interested in improving their inventory processes and streamlining their operations can request a free, non-binding demo to test the software for themselves by visiting Timly’s website at www.timly. com .


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