Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Or Handle Your Own Claim?

    Many people avoid hiring a lawyer during a personal injury. One of the common reasons is the cost. Who wants to pay a legal fee when one is confident of handling their own case? 

    However, the confidence that you feel might vanish into thin air in case the other party hires a lawyer for themselves and starts putting allegations against you. This can mostly be seen in road mishaps.

    But why must you not worry about the legal fee? 

    Almost every personal injury lawyer charges a contingency fee. This means you need not pay the lawyer any money unless you win the case or have a good out-of-court settlement. 

    Now, this seems justified, right? 

    How does a contingency fee agreement work? 

    In a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer sees to it that you get your due compensation for the damage or injury that has happened to you. The lawyer will take a certain amount as fee from this compensation money. 

    Now, there can be three scenarios:

    • Settlement happens before you file a lawsuit.
    • Settlement happens after you file a lawsuit. 
    • No settlement takes place, and the case goes to trial. The jury then awards you the damages. 

    In each case, the contingency fee of the lawyer varies. Say, he or she may agree to receive 30 percent of the compensation amount in the first case or 40 percent in the third case, and so on. 

    Do you know? 

    A study conducted by the Insurance Research Council suggests that, on average, a person receives three and a half times bigger settlement through legal help than that on their own. 

    At times, things may take an unexpected and even a serious turn. In such cases, it may become a challenge for you to handle your case without a lawyer. 

    For example:

    • The other person who hit your car from the rear may not have insurance, or their insurer may refuse to pay. 
    • Your neighbor refuses to take responsibility for the injury that happened to you because of their carelessness. 
    • Your neighbor’s dog bites you, and you settle with them for an average amount. But later, the dog bite gets infectious, and you get a complicated wound, making you shell out thousands of dollars in treatment. 

    In the last one, chances are bleak that your neighbor would pay for your treatment. You have already settled the case. 

    So you see, a simple personal injury case can take a complicated turn. Without a lawyer, you will be left holding the baby. 

    Even if you are confident about handling the case on your own, it does not harm to get an initial consultation with a reputable lawyer. This can help you know whether you need legal help or not. 

    Firms like The Barber Law Firm, PC, are trustworthy names, especially when you have a personal injury case. 



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