How to achieve success on iOS 14.5+? The complete guide by Adjust and TikTok

    The rollout of iOS 14.5 and privacy changes brought by Apple in 2021 have transformed the app marketing industry and dramatically changed the way advertisers target and measure users on iOS. Despite large strides, mobile marketers and advertisers are continuing to navigate the evolving mobile advertising ecosystem while re-assessing their long-standing user acquisition concepts to ensure they can drive app marketing success. The industry will continue to become more privacy-centric as users are given more control over their data—a move we wholeheartedly embrace. With this in mind, it is paramount to optimize for securing the opt-in and to build a robust conversion value strategy. This way you’ll have the largest amount of opted-in, user-level data to work with and compare and contrast side-by-side to inform decision-making for your aggregated data.

    Adjust has teamed up with TikTok to equip mobile marketers, developers and advertisers with insights and best practices for success working on iOS 14.5+ and in the ever-evolving world of user privacy on mobile. The guide, iOS 14.5+ Success made simple with Adjust and TikTok, takes a deep dive into everything around iOS 14.5+, providing benchmarks for opt-in rates by vertical and country while shedding light on SKAdNetwork, creating conversion value schemas that work and optimizing for predictive analytics to empower your continued app marketing growth on iOS.

    Key highlights from the playbook include:

    1. An in-depth data analysis of opt-in rates across verticals and markets and a look at the shift in ad spend from iOS to Android since the rollout of iOS 14.5 in April 2021.
    2. TiKTok best practices and recommendations for account setup, ad groups, event optimization and setting campaign objectives.
    3. An explanation of SKAdNetwork, how it works and how marketers and advertisers can make the most of it despite limitations.
    4. A framework for building a robust opt-in strategy to increase consent rates and improve overall UX. 
    5. An explanation of next-generation solutions for custom conversion value schemas and predictive analytics that empower further growth on iOS.

    Download iOS 14.5+ Success made simple with Adjust and TikTok today for more insights! 


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