NYX celebrates LGBTQIA+ gaming communities in new Pride campaign

    • NYX Professional Makeup is looking to bring awareness to anti-LGBTQIA+ bulling in the online gaming world with the “Game Out Loud” campaign, according to a press release.
    • The makeup manufacturer will launch several online spaces across multiple platforms, including Roblox and Twitch, each with a different focus. As part of the campaign, five LGBTQIA+ gamers and content creators use makeup to represent their favorite games.
    • During the campaign — which launches just weeks before Pride Month begins in June — the makeup brand will put on a series of livestreams focused on allyship, inclusivity and education.

    NYX Professional Makeup is once again courting the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month by bringing together its yearly pride events with several of its pre-existing activations, including its Roblox space. The multifaceted “Game Out Loud” effort takes an annual celebration and combines it with gaming culture, which is increasingly popular among young consumers, to reaffirm the brand’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The campaign was inspired by the ongoing harassment and bullying faced by LGBTQIA+ gamers and content creators.

    The online spaces will be available on Roblox, Twitch and the brand’s website. On Roblox, the activities will take place at NYX’s pre-existing space in iHeartland. During the activation, consumers can interact with a non-player character who will ask them to take an ally pledge, after which they will be given an ally badge which their avatar can wear throughout the space. Roblox users will also have access to the brand’s exclusive virtual merchandise, inspired by its long running Proud Allies For All program.

    The brand will also host livestreamed seminars focused on education, ally messaging and inclusivity on Twitch. Creators featured in the campaign include Brian Diaz, Frederic Chen, Glitch, Lilly Teel and Martin Corona. The makeup brand is also planning several in-person events, with activations at WeHo Pride (which takes place June 2-4) and Twitchcon Paris (July 8-9). The in-person activations allow the brand to extend the campaign to physical spaces.

    NYX has long attempted to integrate itself into the LGBTQIA+ community, especially in online spaces. In 2022, it hosted a pride parade on the metaverse platform The Sandbox, and was intended to celebrate the diversity within the LGBT+ community. Outside of Pride celebrations, the company launched its 2023 collection within its Roblox space.


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