Invisalign rejects the hassle of braces for creator-led social media push

    • Invisalign launched a creator-led social media campaign called “Stay Clear of Drama” to promote the hassle-free nature of its teeth aligners, according to details shared with Marketing Dive.
    • The effort is heavily focused on TikTok and includes a slew of partnerships with popular creators on the app, including Trey Makai and Symonne Harrison, who will each share content communicating the simplicity of Invisalign. 
    • Invisalign in June will share additional branded videos on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. The latest effort from the marketer builds on similar messaging used for its “Drama Free” campaign and Roblox activation last year.

    Dive Insight:

    Invisalign is shoring up a pitch to Gen Z with “Stay Clear of Drama,” a campaign that relies heavily on social media influencers to showcase the ease of its removable teeth aligners compared to traditional metal braces. The approach complements similar messaging used in a “Drama Free” effort from last year featuring content creator and actress Jayden Bartels.

    Invisalign for its latest campaign enlisted creators Makai and Harrison in addition to Kyle Gordon, Linette Garcia, Tyler Bender and Kai, each of whom carries large TikTok followings. The creators will share cinema-like video content telling the story of how Invisalign has served them, whether it be for allowing them to snack on gummy candy or the way the aligner can be largely undetectable at a glance, unlike traditional metal braces.

    Additionally, the brand in June will share similarly themed video content across its social media platforms, which its creator partners will interact with. Tailoring content to platforms frequented by the younger generation could help Invisalign boost its clientele, despite many Gen Z consumers likely relying on their parents for major dental health decisions. 

    Invisalign has recently taken to other spaces popular with Gen Z. To supplement last year’s “Drama Free” campaign, the brand activated on Roblox’s Livetopia with an interactive dental hub. By October, the space had been visited by over 2.1 million users.


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