Budweiser rallies over 100 influencers for World Cup effort

    Budweiser is gathering over 100 influencers from all over the world to participate in a major FIFA World Cup campaign that will see these partners flown to Qatar to make content for their followers and the brand.

    Budweiser, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, has been a long standing sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. This year the brand has opted for an influencer-heavy activation that will put participating influencers in a music video for “The World is Yours To Take” by Lil Baby as well as having them participate in events at the Budweiser Hotel.

    “[The influencers are] gonna tell their tunnel story, in terms of what they’ve had to overcome and defied the odds and didn’t listen to the naysayers to really step up and go for it as well to help amplify our campaign message to their audience around the world,” said Todd Allen, vice president of global marketing for Budweiser.

    The influencer partnerships build on Budweiser’s broader World Cup campaign. In August, the brewer kicked off a scavenger hunt in which consumers were encouraged to find QR codes all over the world for the possibility of winning prizes such as signed memorabilia. A month later, it debuted a World Cup ad spot starring Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Raheem Sterling in a campaign effort that spans 70 countries. The spot sees the three athletes running with a diverse group of fans through the players tunnel as a remix of the Tears for Fears hit “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” plays. Additionally, the company unveiled limited-edition cans with QR codes that consumers can scan for the chance of winning prizes like entry to Budweiser-hosted watch parties.

    Budweiser’s latest move sees the brand looking to form a stronger connection with the various markets its influencers resonate with. The brand chose to revolve the tie-up around music in an effort to seamlessly intertwine with the game and fans.

    “Music’s such an important part of any FIFA World Cup and that’s why we’re so proud to partner with Lil Baby and Tears for Fears and actually have our song, “The World is Yours to Take,” as an official soundtrack for the FIFA World Cup. And you’ll see a lot of our creators are from the music field,” said Allen.

    Creators include Tarryn and Clarisie (TxC), a South African DJ duo with more than 100,000 Instagram followers. The pair is working on maintaining its connection with those followers while stepping outside of their comfort zones to create content for World Cup fans. 

    “We will always try to be authentic to our brand TxC, but as we are now appealing to a new audience, we are going to be adapting our content to have a soccer feel to it to resonate with the World Cup,” the duo wrote in an email to Marketing Dive.


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