Unleashing creativity with generative AI: The people-focused approach to revolutionize the design industry

    Creative AI: A double-edged sword in the design world

    Since the debut of “The Terminator” franchise in 1984, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has been met with both fascination and fear. In case you’ve spent 30+ years avoiding these movies, what follows is a spoiler-ish summary. In the future, the American military creates an AI called “Skynet” and gives it absolute control over its atomic arsenal. In short order, it achieves sentience, starts World War III and overthrows humanity as the rulers of Earth. 

    Futurists and philosophers had the same reaction as movie-goers: giving that kind of raw power to a computer that can make every decision a human can—but faster and unencumbered by a conscience—is a terrifying prospect. Fast-forward 4 decades, and generative AI technology feels a lot like Skynet to marketers and visual designers. While AI can produce release-ready marketing materials, the question remains: should it?

    The exploding popularity of using algorithms to develop written and visual content threatens to overshadow the value of human creativity. As AI-powered services continue to proliferate, the potential for devaluing the work of skilled professionals increases. However, the key to unlocking the full potential of AI lies in striking the right balance between technology and human talent.

    Fostering collaboration and innovation with AI-driven solutions

    The world needs more creators, not fewer, and AI actually has the potential to boost collaboration among teams rather than replacing gifted colleagues. A prime example is ZiflowAI, an AI-powered chatbot built into Ziflow’s award-winning Proof Viewer. This feature was designed to enhance the creative review and approval process by providing ideas and suggestions during collaborative sessions, all in real-time and all after version 1 had already been turned in.

    Reaping the benefits of ethical AI integration

    Many creatives are led astray when they rely on AI for content creation from the onset of a project. Their creativity is stripped away and the focus is set on refining prompts and updating the AI outputs to better match project criteria. However, projects started with human ideas, designs and copy can be more quickly and creatively refined into diamonds by adding generative AI into the review stage of the creative process.

    By placing generative AI in the middle of the creative process, not the start, teams can achieve positive and principled outcomes. Human creativity is leveraged at the outset to develop an initial visual concept, and AI is used to help it arrive at a cohesive, collaborative solution. Here are some real-world examples of how this hybrid approach can lead to innovative solutions:

    Receive suggestions on copy

    When your review team hits a collective “writer’s block,” turn to AI for suggestions on improving headlines, subheadings or body copy. The more information you give to the AI, the more creative and responsive it will be in return.

    Bridge the gap between stakeholders and designers

    Often, reviewers struggle to effectively communicate their vision to designers. Simply add a comment asking the AI for ideas to overcome a creative deadlock. ZiflowAI can help both parties by offering conversational ideas and directions to improve the design.

    Generate fresh ideas for visual elements

    Adding an AI-powered chatbot to the creative conversation can significantly boost the project’s creativity. Reviewers can query AI for new and updated visuals for their content, such as images, videos or infographics.

    Ethical AI: Enhancing teamwork and valuing human talent

    These approaches to generative AI focus on enhancing the review and approval part of the process, allowing human creativity to shine. By encouraging a more ethical, team-focused use of AI, creative teams can foster collaboration and innovation without replacing the valuable work of designers and content providers.

    A brighter future for the creative industry

    As more companies within the creative technology space implement generative AI into their software solutions, the potential for transforming the industry is immense. ZiflowAI sets an example by prioritizing conversation and creativity over AI-driven automation. This innovative tool is available for mid-sized and large enterprises looking to accelerate their creative workflow with ethical AI integration.

    To learn more about how your company can inspire and empower your creative team through the use of generative AI, visit Embrace the future of design and unlock the full potential of creative AI today.


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