State Farm riffs off new brand character with jazz CD, hotline


    • State Farm unveiled its first CD as part of a new effort that plays off of the brand’s latest character, an equipment manager named Jeff who plays the saxophone, per details shared with Marketing Dive.
    • “Jazz Bath: The Bath Bomb Sessions” includes six songs and can be ordered for free while supplies last from a special landing page. The songs are also available on Spotify. 
    • State Farm launched a telephone hotline, 1-866-JAZZ-BATH, that consumers can dial for advice on what to listen to. The effort sees State Farm continuing to build on the success of its brand characters, like Jake from State Farm.


    State Farm is no stranger to creating spokescharacters. Long-standing persona Jake from State Farm has proven to be a hit among consumers, having been born from a decade-old commercial featuring a real-life insurance agent and since evolving to include a widespread presence that has stretched into the metaverse and video games.

    The company’s latest character, Jeff the equipment manager, first appeared in a commercial alongside Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The spot, meant to promote State Farm’s Personal Price Plan, sees Mahomes preparing for a post-workout soak by dropping multiple bath bombs into a tub, confiding to Jake from State Farm that he’s a bath-bomb guy. Soon after, equipment manager Jeff appears, holding a saxophone as he asks if Mahomes is ready for his “jazz bath.” 

    Jeff became a hit among fans, with many tweeting at State Farm about how they would also enjoy a jazz bath, sparking inspiration for the insurance company to expand on the character. “Jazz Bath: The Bath Bomb Sessions” includes six songs with titles like “Who’s Ready? (For a Jazz Bath)” and “I’m Not Crying (There’s Soap In My Eyes).” The CD, made in collaboration with creative agency The Marketing Arm, also includes a 30-second nostalgic spot that channels a late-night ‘80s commercial as the saxophonist demos a series of his jazz tunes while in a soft-lit bathroom, appearing in and out of a bubble bath.

    While supplies last, consumers can visit to order a physical copy of the CD for free, or can opt to listen on Spotify. Additionally, State Farm launched its Jazz Bath Hotline that consumers can call for advice on what song they should listen to depending on what sort of stress they’re experiencing. Jeff will advise callers on six different situations, like if someone’s fantasy football team isn’t doing well or they are grieving the breakup of a favorite celebrity couple. For each choice on the call, a song will play.


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