Rémy Martin blends generations, traditions in Lunar New Year campaign

    • Luxury cognac brand Rémy Martin has gathered a group of cultural influencers to toast the Lunar New Year in a campaign that showcases their unique backgrounds and traditions, according to a press release.
    • “The Lunar New Year Family Spirit” effort features actor Lewis Tan, fashion influencer Jessica Wang, chef Brandon Jew, photographer Kevin Wong and entrepreneur Danielle Chang. Photographer Michelle Watt worked on the creative. 
    • As part of the effort, Rémy Martin will release a limited-edition bottle with a $209.99 price tag later this month and host a series of events in New York and San Francisco titled the “Lunar New Year Opulence Revealed Experience” that are intended to reflect the cognac’s flavor profile while celebrating Asian culture.

    Rémy Martin’s “The Lunar New Year Family Spirit” campaign is full of symbolism and images important to Asian culture. For example, the number eight is featured heavily in both the virtual and in person activations, as it is a lucky number in many Asian cultures. The creative also showcases the different traditions of the influencers who are featured. 

    The campaign sees Rémy Martin reaching out to Asian Americans at a time when cognac has been gaining favor with a wider group of consumers. Research also suggests Asians consumers are important drivers of growth in the luxury market and that Asian Americans are a quickly growing consumer market.

    “Rémy Martin celebrates diverse cultures in which rich tradition, values, and voices can be expressed from one generation to the next, while encouraging each individual to express themselves in new ways,” said Tina Reejsinghani, vice president, Rémy Martin Americas in a press release.

    In addition to the creative campaign, the brand is reaching out to this market with in-person tasting events that cost $88 to attend, with a portion of the sales of each going to charity. The $209.99 limited-edition bottle of XO will be released online and in stores while a kit featuring food coasters and a bottle of XO will be available on ReserveBar for $300.


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