Martha Stewart uses Tito’s vodka around the house for ‘DIY January’ campaign

    • Martha Stewart partnered with Tito’s Handmade Vodka on a new campaign focused on how to put the vodka to good use during Dry January, according to information shared with Marketing Dive.
    • “DIY January” takes a spin on the alcohol-free January challenge by encouraging consumers to us use Tito’s for alternative activities, such as cleaning boots or adding flavor to pasta sauce. A 60-second spot staring Stewart shows her using the vodka for household chores and cooking, though she ultimately gives up in favor of a martini. 
    • To complement the monthlong campaign, the vodka brand released a DIY January Kit that includes a line of bottle toppers that turn Tito’s bottles into household products. The products, coined “The Deodorizer,” “The Flavorizer” and “The Cleanerizer,” have since sold out, with profits donated to charitable causes. 

    “DIY January” is putting a comical spin on the Dry January challenge, which could help keep the brand top of mind during a time that does not favor the alcohol industry. The campaign also caters to the increasing number of consumers who are taking part in the monthlong event, which included 35% of drinking-age U.S. adults in 2022, up from 21% in 2019.

    In a 60-second spot, Stewart, known for her presence in the DIY space in addition to her cooking expertise, showcases the various ways Tito’s vodka can be used aside from drinking it. In an array of examples, she can be seen spraying the product in the air and swooping in for a quick taste, tenderizing meat, watering flowers and flavoring her pasta sauce with a heavy pour. At the end, the chef gives up on being alcohol-free to enjoy a martini (she also adds an expletive and says “Martha needs a drink.”)

    “We understand that Tito’s drinkers might choose to opt out of drinking this month to partake in dry January, and we support them in doing that,” said Taylor Berry, vice president of brand marketing at Tito’s. “We’ll still be here when February rolls around, but we wanted to offer up some helpful alternate ways to use our vodka until then.”

    In addition to the video, the brand is releasing eight DIY ideas for consumers to try this month, such as a windshield “de-icer” and a vanilla extract substitute. The campaign was created with the Arts & Letters Creative Co. The firm has worked with Tito’s in the past, including on an initiative to spoof the hard seltzer craze by selling an empty, reusable branded can. 


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