Expedia Group launches ‘shoppable’ platform with inspirational travel content

    • Expedia Group Media Solutions is launching a new media platform that allows users to book travel, including hotels and flights, as they view content on U.S. destinations.
    • Featuring inspirational travel content provided by Brand USA, the “shoppable” streaming platform, called GoUSA, will showcase short- and long-form video and interactive maps.
    • Expedia Group’s 2023 Travel Trends Report revealed that 39% of global travelers booked a vacation to a destination they saw in a movie or TV show they streamed.

    According to Expedia Group research, destinations that were seen in movies or TV shows are among the most influential sources of travel inspiration, even more so than social media.

    Expedia Group Media Solutions and Brand USA’s GoUSA streaming hub “bridges the gap in travel marketing between the growing influence of streamed movies and TV on tourism and travel bookings,” Expedia Group Media Solutions said in a release.

    “This platform is truly the first of its kind in a world where inspirational travel content is constantly evolving and symbolizes the next phase in entertainment tourism,” said Angelique Miller, vice president of media studios at Expedia Group, in the release. “The new technology creates a space where someone can consume engaging travel content and book experiences in the same place at the same time, effectively ‘shopping the series.’”

    Call it “The White Lotus” effect — the popular HBO show increased interest in both Maui, Hawaii, and Taormina, Sicily (season one and two locations, respectively), according to The New York Times. A recent report from American Express also found that 70% of Gen Z and millennial travelers said they have been inspired to travel to a destination after seeing it on screen.

    Expedia’s new shoppable streaming platform aims to capture the sway of streaming content and convert it into travel bookings. Through the platform, Brand USA will also be able to track and measure the impact of its content as it relates to booking decisions, particularly which content is generating the most engagement and influencing bookings.


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