Diageo’s Lagavulin sends Nick Offerman on a dangerous mission

    • Lagavulin, a scotch whisky distiller owned by Diageo, is once again teaming up with actor Nick Offerman to promote his third limited-edition release in an action-packed trailer, per a press release.
    • Offerman, known for his work on the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” has been a longtime partner of the brand, appearing in previous brand videos. On Oct. 12, Offerman hosted an Instagram Live tasting with the distillery’s master blender, Stuart Morrison.
    • The campaign reflects how legacy distillers are looking for new ways to engage the public as the whiskey industry more broadly grows, especially among younger consumers, and are receptive to the idea of humor in ads. 

    Lagavulin’s third Offerman edition, Charred Oak Cask, is the latest in a series of co-branded bottles by the pair. It follows in the footsteps of the previous two editions, Offerman Edition: Guinness Cask Finish and the Offerman First Edition. Like its predecessor, the third edition was aged for eleven years and bears Offerman’s likeness. 

    In a comical three-minute spot promoting the new edition, Offerman endures an action-packed mission to produce what the distiller claims is the only brand-new, charred-oak, limited-edition whisky in existence. Offerman utilizes his famous direct and dry humor as he goes on a variety of ridiculous missions to arrive at the distillery, only to find he was invited there for steak and whisky and that the mission was simply a set up.

    Offerman’s relationship with the distiller runs deep, spanning dozens of campaign spots, and the brand even made an appearance in “Parks and Recreation.” Despite being a Gen Xer, he has a strong appeal with younger consumers for his role as Ron Swanson on the comedic show, which highlights his love for all things wood, steak and scotch. Bleeding those passions into the Lagavulin campaign could be a winning move, with 91% of consumers reporting that they prefer brands to be funny, per an Oracle report.

    Enlisting the “Parks and Recreation” star could also strengthen the brand’s ties to younger consumers who are fans of the show as brands begin switching up their playbooks to market to the new crowd of drinkers. The suggested retail price for the new edition is $79.99, which would typically raise questions of it will sell among price conscious consumers, but this year has actually seen an uptick on premium alcohol purchases despite economic unrest.


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