Coors Light contest offers pay out for local recreations of its logo

    • Coors Light, owned by Molson Coors, launched “Chill Harder Pays Harder,” a program that will reward over 5,000 consumers with prize money for replicating the brand’s Chill Harder logo in creative ways, per a press release. 
    • Eligible entries could include painting the logo, drawing it, or carving it into a pumpkin, among other tactics, with larger replicas worthy of a higher potential payout. To enter, consumers must post their creation to Instagram or Twitter using the tags @CoorsLight with hashtags #ChillHarder and #Content. 
    • The person named the Chill Harder Champ will see their logo replicated on a billboard for display within their community. The activation comes at a time when inflation is putting the pinch on consumers’ wallets.

    Coors Light’s “Chill Harder Pays Harder” program, though a nationwide activation, has a special focus on rural consumers, which make up a considerable portion of its customer base. At a time of economic unrest when some are perhaps in pursuit of a few extra dollars, the brand wants to give back to those who “don’t mind a little hard work,” the release states. The brand claims it is shifting money from its advertising budget for the program. 

    “We know times are tough for everyone, we want to put our money into the hands of real Coors Light fans,” said Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors family of brands, in a press release. “Chill Harder is all about working for your chill, and we want to reward our fans who put in the work.”

    The program opened for submissions on Oct. 26, timed to National American Beer Day, and will continue through Dec. 10. For what the brand considers a small entry, or a logo that is 6 to 30 inches, 5,000 entrants will be rewarded $10. For a medium entry, or a logo stretching 50 to 90 inches, 100 consumers will win $500. To be considered for the grand prize, which will award one consumer with $50,000, the logo must be 100 inches to 20 feet. 

    To help with logo-making inspiration, Coors Light enlisted various rural influencers, woodworkers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts to create examples of what an entry could look like, with content being shared across the brand’s Instagram and Twitter profiles. Such a program could help bolster Coors Light’s digital presence and expand its reach to new consumers.

    Coors Light has employed several creative advertising strategies in recent months for it Chill Harder messaging, many of which have also had ties to sustainability. For example, the brand in May unveiled new billboards, known as “Chillboards” with reflective white coating meant to help cool down Miami buildings. Earlier this month, it offered to do the laundry of college football fans in collaboration with Tide. Other campaigns pulling from the messaging have largely been a playful nod, for example, the creation of its beer flavored-lollipop, “Chillollipops,” which were meant to help cool down heated fans during March Madness.


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