“You know it’s crazy”: Complaints from home appliance subcontractors are on the rise

    Complaints against a major home improvement chain are mounting after customers claimed the contractor destroyed their renovation projects.

    “Here we are six months later, our kitchen is still a wreck,” said Carmen Antley.

    Antley and her husband claim they faced a kitchen remodel nightmare. The couple say a cabinet has been installed above a vent, they claim their microwave is a fire hazard because it is too close to the hob, and they say the sink in the farmhouse was installed incorrectly.

    “It causes the island to begin to crack and collapse,” Antley said, pointing to the damaged countertop.

    Antley said that when she hired Lowe’s Home Improvement, she counted on the company’s national reputation to avoid disputes with contractors.

    “I thought we’d sign with Lowe’s because the contract at the very top says, ‘Lowes.’” Antley went on to explain that the work was done by two independent subcontractors hired by Lowes.

    According to Antley, there is a long list of installation errors; including building permits that were never obtained and nearly $40,000 in damage from the wood floors to their existing appliances.

    “You know I want them to take it seriously. They’ve put someone in our house who has caused massive damage,” Antley said.

    The couple said Lowe’s initially sent a district manager to their home to evaluate their claims. Antley described the manager’s reaction. “She couldn’t believe what she saw. She was stunned.”

    Despite some initial offers to get the job done and make repairs, a few months later it said they were still waiting for a fix.

    “We’ve all mentioned this to Lowe’s, and it seems to go in one ear and out the other,” Antley said.

    Sandra Braga is another client of Lowe’s who chose the chain to build a new fence in her backyard because she trusted the national company to solve all contractor problems.

    According to Sandra, Lowe’s sent one of its favorite independent installers to build the fence, but according to city building inspectors, half of the fence was built on her neighbor’s property.

    “I called, sometimes five times a week,” Braga said.

    Braga documented every call she made, more than 200 in a year, to Lowe’s and his installer to fix the fence.

    She said there had been no fix so far and the fence still hasn’t passed a city inspection. “It’s very stressful.”

    “You know it’s crazy. I’ve never dealt with anything like this in my life,” Antley said.

    Two weeks after Lowe’s management was asked about Antley and Braga’s claims, the company said it was working directly with both families and the homeowners were happy with the solution.

    “I just want it fixed,” Braga said.

    If you use a hardware store for renovations, do your own research about the independent contractors assigned to your work. Early intervention can help you avoid nightmares later on.

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