Enter ‘Love Your Shower’ Sweepstakes From Home Improvement Expo

    As a locally owned business since 2006, Expo Home Improvement knows that the heart of every home in Texas is a family. They understand better than national chains that alternative window, door and shower solutions are the right solution for Texas and our unique climate.

    “At Expo Home Improvement, our heart is part of our brand and we are proud to carry it on our chest every day as a symbol of our commitment to you. The heart symbolizes our team’s commitment to staying true to the core values ​​of integrity, excellence and service – we are committed to every home project. That’s why we are committed to serving you with love, as Expo Home Improvement is a company that truly loves you, ”said Amanda McDaniel.

    McDaniel is the Marketing Director for Expo Home Improvement. Stephanie Gilbert joined the 512 Studio host to talk about the one-day bath or shower renovation offered by Expo Home Improvement.

    He discussed how you can win a free bath or shower with the newly launched “Love Your Shower” raffle. Enter up to $ 10,000 to earn the bathroom of your dreams. Admission is free and a lucky winner will be raffled off on August 15th.

    Tell us, what products and services do you specialize in at Expo Home Improvement?

    “Since 2006, we have specialized in window replacement, door replacement, bathroom renovations and shower renovations! We have served 19,000 Texan homes and families with these services and products, so we know better than national chains what a Texan home will be like! We’d love to see your space, see how we can help improve it! “

    We’re going to talk about renovating a bath or shower for a day today. Amanda, can I really take a new bath or shower in one day? Tell us more about this amazing one-day transformation!

    “I know it’s hard to believe, but yes! A one-day bath or shower can be completed without sacrificing quality or beauty. We are the exclusive seller of Jacuzzi Bath Remodel here around Austin, and we all know that Jacuzzi is known for its quality, beauty and amazing warranty. Our Jacuzzi bath and shower systems are tailored to your needs and design preferences. We take everything to the columns, removing the old ones and replacing them with the new ones! All this can be done in one day! And it ensures that our professional team is doing well. Our BBB A + rating and Google reviews speak for themselves … if you need a new bathtub or shower, you can trust the team here at Expo Home Improvement. “

    That is unbelievable. So what if I don’t need a bathtub anymore and just need a shower, can it be done in a single day?

    “Absolutely! Our team specializes in what we call “tuner to shower conversion”. Some people don’t need that bathtub anymore, and they want to get into the shower safely. We can take out that old bathtub and replace it with a beautiful shower in a single day! And everything is tailored to your needs. If you need a seat, shelves or accessories. We will build a beautiful shower that you will enjoy for many years to come. ”

    How do I arrange an appointment?

    “Scheduling an appointment is easy and free! All you have to do is call 512-595-7517 or go to to connect with us. Our quotes are free, and we’re here to help you find the best solution for your home. At Expo Homen, our team is excited to meet you, call us! ”

    This segment is paid for by Expo Home Improvement and is intended as an advertisement. The opinions expressed by the guests in this program are only those of the guests and this TV does not accept them.

    Source: Home Improvement News


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