By the numbers: Super Bowl LVII

    ads shown

    unique advertisers

    price per 30-second ad

    ad prices increase from 2022

    (Source: USA Today)

    37 million households tuned into Super Bowel LVII, up slightly from the 36 million who tuned into last year’s game. (Source: Samba TV)

    Ad prices increased 7.7% from 2022

    Price per 30 seconds of ad time in dollars.

    Total ad spending has increased steadily since 2019

    Total in-game ad spend, 2018-2022

    App engagement increased between 10% and 15% across the U.S. on Super Bowl Sunday compared with a typical Sunday. There was also a notable activity dropoff during the halftime show.

    Philadelphians were more active during the game. However, Kansas City activity spiked after the Chiefs’ win, with a steep decline in the rate of activity from Philadelphians.

    (Source: Kantar)

    Change in app activity on Super Bowl Sunday compared to an average Sunday

    Molson Coors returned to the Super Bowl after 33 years with an ad for Coors Light, Miller Lite and Blue Moon.

    Rookie advertisers represented approximately 31% of all ads this year, down from approximately 40% in 2022.

    Top 5 ads from USA Today Ad Meter by sentiment

    Worst 5 ads from USA Today Ad Meter by sentiment

    The Farmer’s Dog | “Forever”

    Super Bowl advertisements as a whole were mentioned on Twitter 312,000 times during the game, which equates to 1,300 mentions per minute.

    Roughly 40% of brands who advertised during the game brought in a hashtag associated with the campaign.

    The top hashtags of the night are: #UltraClub (Michelob Ultra, 13,800 mentions), #RealOrActing (Pepsi Zero Sugar, 6,500 mentions), and #MakeItBetter (Avocados from Mexico, 6,000 mentions).

    No cryptocurrency services were featured this year largely due to the fallout surrounding FTX, even though they were the star of the night last year.

    In total, there were 114,000 mentions of the more than 50 celebrities who appeared in Super Bowl ads.

    (Source: Brandwatch)

    Top performing brands by social media mentions


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